‘Where’ Is Always The Question

Where you live is fundamental to how you live. The old adage about location is as relevant today as it was when it was coined in 1926. People move to their homes; homes don’t move to people so easily. So, when considering a home, location is inevitably the primary concern, even when other concerns seem more important. Everything from a safe neighborhood to good transportation-access ties in to a shopper’s ideal location for his or her home. Learn about five prime points that determine a good location here.

Build Your Dream Home Online

Your new home, just the way you want it. Everything done by you, for you. You are the architect. Are you ready for a new option in home building? Online home design is gaining traction, and there are more opportunities than ever to design your dream home from start to finish, online. With design templates and premium prefab units, homes can be customized to meet every taste. Read more here

4 Thoughts on Buying A Vacation Property

Are you the sun-and-sand type, or more of a snow-and-mountains kind of a person? Either way, you have probably spent some time looking around the places you have vacationed and thought, “I should buy a place around here”. While buying a property in a great vacation spot is probably a safe investment, it is by no means without risk. Getting swept away in the moment and failing to do due-diligence is just one problem facing these kinds of purchases. Learn more here.